Privacy policy個人情報保護方針

Privacy policy

Recognizing the value and importance of personal information and considering the proper management of personal information in business activity to be a social obligation, the following policies to protect personal information have been established for the "Official Izawa Gion Festival Site." All individuals engaged in site operations shall be fully informed of these policies and shall endeavor to protect site visitors' personal information.

1. Management of information

We have established a compliance program for personal information and endeavor to properly protect and manage that information and will continuously make efforts to improve further.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with laws and other standards related to the protection of personal information.

3. Implementation of security measures

We have implemented measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and established appropriate measures against loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

4. Respect for rights

We respect individuals' rights regarding personal information, and within reasonable scope will promptly disclose, amend, or delete personal information at the individual's request.

5. Purpose and scope of collected information

We shall establish operational regulations and management systems for the proper handling of visitors' personal information collected through this site's contact form, and will take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and loss, alteration, or leakage of personal information.
We will further strive to protect personal information through continuous review of the site.

6. Disclosure to third parties, prohibition on offering information

The personal information collected on this site shall be properly managed and will not be offered to third parties without justifiable reasons.